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  Italy - January 2013 - Milano Rho  
  CIRN Specialty
Milan 13th January 2013
The CIRN (Club Italiano per le Razza Nordiche), the Italian Club for the Nordic breeds organized in Milan one of its meeting. This one is the biggest one. There were almost 200 entries. There were the Samoyed, Alaskan Malamute, Siberian Husky, Eurasier, Akita Inu, Shiba Inu and American Akita. This club is very dynamic.

The Alaskan Malamute section also organises in February a winter meeting, in the mountains, for Alaskan owners who want to try a sledge adventure or just to breathe the mountain fresh air during a walk. The registered puppies were, last year, 416. The level of this breed is high. We met very often an Italian Alaskan on a group podium. In 2003 Rainbow Maker de Biagio (owner: G. Biagiotti – IT) won the BOB at Crufts under Mrs M. P. Everton. It could not go into the main ring because the breed judgements finished too late. There were 104 Alaskan. At Crufts 2007 Giving a New Royal Star de Jungla Negra (owner: G. Biagiotti – IT) won the BOB under Mr A.H. Brace (164 entries) and won later the group under Mr Stephen Hall. The RDCC went to Crusader del Biagio (M. Pizzolato – IT) and the RBCC to Alexan del Biagio (owner: G. Biagiotti – IT).
For the Italian appointment the club invited Bruno Maffezzoni (IT). He gave the DCAC to Clover del Biagio and the BCAC to Zohra del Biagio. The BOB was won by the male.
The Samoyede has always been a popular breed in Italy even if the number of puppies reaches barely 200 registrations. In Milan the breed was judged by Mrs Ludmila Nikitina (Russ). She assigned the DCAC to Arthu White King (owner: Graziano Magnani) and the BCAC to Rita di Casa Kali (G. Mazzuccato). The BOB was won by the champion Cabaka’s Bobbie of Storm Cat (owner: B. Moreschi).


The second breed for the Russian judge was the Siberian Husky (34). This breed was very popular in the 80s-90s years. The popularity was not connected with the quality level. Little by little the number of puppies decreased. (493 puppies in 2011) A few breeders continued their selection reaching excellent levels.
At Crufts 2001 Cry Out (Owner: Rimini Capanni ) won the breed under Mrs Z. Thorn Andrews and then the group.
Mrs L. Nikitina gave the DCC and the BOB to Ankalin Little Italy (owner: P. Tomei). BOS was My Fair Lady of Wolf Point (owner: M.P. Butera).


The other breeds were judged by Mr Hiroshi Kamisako (J). He had a busy time because he had 93 dogs to judge. The Italian breeders always had a great love for Japanese breeds for the Akita Inu and the Shiba.
Among the most famous Akita Inu we can mention two names. In 2003 at the World dog show in Germany the Akita Inu BOB was won by Daiboh-Maru delle Bianche Vallate. In Italy, ten years before, also lived one of the most beautiful subject, Seihoh of Juntai Doh , ownned by Richard Hellman. He was WW in 1995 and 1999. In 1996 he was WW and BOG and in 1997 WW and BIS 3rd. Just to mention a few titles. The popularity of this dog gave a hint to this breed. In 2011 there were born about 500 puppies. It was the most numerous breed at the Milanese specialty (44). DCAC was Kaze Ha Mirai Ni Fuku (L. Garzonio) and the BCAC Chie Go di Casa Saporito (owner: all.to del Faito). Best male was the champion Richu Go dell’Antico Matagi (owner: G. Danesi). BOB was the champion bitch, Toramei Go (owner: all.to Hachiko Samurai).


Another beloved Japanese breed is the Shiba Inu. In 2011 there were about 200 entries. The most higher result reached by an Italian Shiba Inu was the BOG 5th at the European Dog show in 2005. It was reached by Nariaki Go Del Biagio. Another important result was obtained by Shinobu del Biagio. He won the BISS at the Japanese Breed European specialty under the Japanese judge, Miyagawa Takahiro in Padenghe del Garda (IT) in 2012.
Mr H. Kamisako had to judge 22 Shiba Inu. He gave the DCAC to Bullion Gold Incipeta Vita (owner: O. Pacivalovs - Latvia) and the BCAC to Benihana Go Shun You Kensha (owner: M. Gamberini). BOB was the champion bitch, Akira (owner: G. Zozzaro).


The American Akita became more popular in Italy with the numerous successes of Melodor Burn The Witch and De Kaner’s A. Wollwerine. In 2011 there were born 107 puppies. The best of the CIRN specialty were Redwitch Relight my Fire (CAC and BOS) (owner: Cosme/De Diego – Esp) and Newstarwood Lady in My Life (champion – BOB) (owner: Newstarwood Kennel– IT).. Bathild del Monterosaakita was BCAC (owner: G. Longoni).
Very unusual was the presence of one Eurasier, Goran the Nordic Dream (CAC and BOB).


Mr H. Kamisako judged all the Best in the main ring.

Best Baby: American Akita: Countryside’s Journey Owner: Becky Bullard (USA/IT)
Best Junior: Somoyede: Brigitte Owner: S. Nieto
Best Young: Samoyede: Feback of Bobbie del Baffin Owner: G. Saccani
BIS: Samoyede: Cabaka’s Bobbie of Storm Cat Owner: B. Moreschi (DK/IT)
RBIS: American Akita: Newstarwood Lady in My Life (prop: all.to Newstarwood – IT)
BIS 3rd: Shiba Inu: Akira Owner: G. Zozzaro


Mr Hiroshi Kamisato was very touched to see how much Italy still appreciates his national breeds. He also confirmed the high level of the other breeds. The Italian champion title is one of the most difficult (and long) to obtain.. Between the first and the last CAC there must be at least one year and one day. The other CAC must be won according to the rule of the CIRN. This discourages a bit the foreigner exhibitors to show their dogs in Italy.









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